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The future always happens too fast and in the wrong order...

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

You'd think that retiring from paid employment would make it easier to get ZMP products out there, not harder... but things never quite work out the way you expect. I've been working on the Masterworks series for some time now, but I've been repeatedly finding reasons not to put it live. However, the unprecedented events in Ukraine led me to prepare the pieces in Choruses for Ukraine for one of my own choirs, and it seemed crazy not to share these, in case there are choirs out there who want to include them in their performances but are having trouble with singing in the Ukrainian language (please read the notes on translation if you download!).

Anyway, I should be practising the tenor lines, not writing this! I hope they help someone - let me know if you sing either the Anthem or the Prayer, or both.

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