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Who, what and why...

Rob Kearsley Bullen

I set up ZMP to publish and distribute my own music, but the aim is eventually to offer a music typesetting and engraving service to composers, arrangers and publishing houses.


Why Zodiac?

The first piece of ‘serious’ music I fell in love with was Holst’s orchestral suite The Planets. My first attempt at writing for orchestra was to be the Zodiac Suite, a cycle of 12 pieces based on the ancient constellations. I’m still thinking about it 50 years later, but it inspired the name of this enterprise!


Tools of the trade

Digital typesetting and engraving are carried out in (primarily) Steinberg Dorico or Avid Sibelius. I was an early Sibelius adopter in the 1990s, so I have around 30 years’ experience of using professional notation software. Other design features are produced using other tools, from good old Microsoft Word to Corel Graphics Suite.

Image by Stefany Andrade
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